Yao Guai are irradiated, mangy bears found patrolling many areas of Motown. They are among the more dangerous creatures a traveller may encounter.


Yao Guai resemble mangy bears. There are at least two major subspecies found in Motown - the regular, brown- or black-furred variety, common throughout North America, and the Pale Yao Guai, a larger, yellow-white varient that appears to be descended from the polar bears of the Detroit Zoo. Both are huge, standing up to 5 feet at the shoulder, with heavy claws and vicious teeth. Pale Yao Guai can grow to more than 8 feet tall. They typically appear malnourished and emaciated, which may explain their aggression.


Yao Guai roam alone or in pairs. Females are rarely encountered with 2-3 cubs. They attack other animals without fear, as nothing short of a Giant Radscorpion is a match for them, and will not hesitate to attack travelers. Yao Guai are fast runners and strong climbers, though they generally avoid water. Pale Yao Guai, on the other hand, are extremely powerful swimmers and will happily dive in after fleeing prey. Neither seems particularly bothered by radiation but they avoid the most heavily irradiated sites.

Yao Guai can be trained if captured as cubs. Raiders, scrappers, merchants, and the Fallen Leaves are all known to use trained Yao Guai as guard animals or for protection.

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