Vault 69 is an abandoned Vault in Motown in what was once the suburb of Hamtramck. It is located just north of the junction between I-75 and Edsel Ford Freeway. Vault 69 is notable as the origin point of the Daughters of Rosie.


Like most Vaults, Vault 69 was intended as a sociological experiment disguised as a shelter. In this case the Vault population was pre-selected to consist of nine hundred ninety-nine females and one male. This fact was not revealed to the inhabitants prior to the Vault being sealed.

Faced with the possibility of needing to re-populate the world from only a single male specimen, the Vault's inhabitants quickly decided that their lone man was too valuable to risk in any remotely dangerous actiity. When the Vault reopened, the tasks of exploring, gathering food, rebuilding and defending the Vault fell to the women. As they came into contact with other survivors, the inhabitants of Vault 69 began recruiting men from outside, but even still, the population was unsustainable. By 2110 the group was close to collapse.

With few options left to them, the inhabitants of Vault 69 began capturing males and forcibly breeding them. By this point their society was entirely female-dominated, with males relegated to safe, simple activities such as homemaking. Gender ratios would eventually normalize, but the group continued to function as a matriarchy; taking inspiration from World War II era posters plastered throughout the Vault, they began calling themselves the Sons and Daughters of Rosie.

The Vault remained in use as the Daughters' primary residence until 2125, at which point the facility was no longer adequate for their needs. They proceeded east to the nearby Packard Automotive Plant and established Rust City in its ruins. Vault 69 has been more or less abandoned ever since, though the Daughters still watch over it and protect it from looters.

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