The Fallen Leaves are a hostile faction operating in and near the city of Motown. They are at war with the Brotherhood of Steel and several other factions.

History Edit

Shortly before the war Canada was annexed by the United States. The Fallen Leaves formed as a resistance group in response to this. Their objective was nothing short of total independence and autonomy for Canada. Records are sketchy and it is not currently known if the Leaves were a populist or fringe movement, or if they were local or nationwide, but they were certainly very active in Windsor. The Leaves operated as a terrorist/guerrilla cell for several months before the events of October, 2077 forced them into Vaults along with everyone else.

The movement gained traction among the inhabitants of Vault 118, located in Windsor, where the Canadian population largely blamed the US for the war. The doors to 118 opened on schedule in 2097, by which time the Leaves were the dominant political faction among the vault dwellers, but the total collapse of the United States and Canada alike rendered their movement obsolete. Thus the goals of the Leaves shifted from independence to the restoration of Canada and Windsor in particular.

The Leaves quickly became the dominant faction within the Windsor ruins, and worked to stabilize and rebuild the lost infrastructure. Expeditions were sent across the decaying Ambassador Bridge into Motown. They were able to secure some caches of military hardware, including energy weapons, but were not able to penetrate into the Deerborn region and its automated factories. The Leaves at one point controlled most of the downtown area. Their dominance ended around 2170, at which point Super Mutants fleeing the death of the Master established a presence in the region. Their influence was further eroded by the arrival of the Brotherhood of Steel shortly thereafter, whose superior technology - including Power Armor, which the Leaves had been unable to make effective use of - allowed them to push the Leaves back across the bridge into Windsor. The Leaves were able to hold the bridge itself, however, and were one of the few factions able to offer any serious resistance to the Brotherhood.

Current status Edit

The Fallen Leaves currently control Windsor, across the river from Motown itself, as well as the Ambassador Bridge and parts of Belle Isle. They defend their territory aggressively against trespassers. Fallen Leaves patrols have been sighted in Motown proper but are usually limited to small scouting parties making sorties against the Brotherhood of Steel outposts; they have no significant military presence in Motown. Headquarters are in the old Windsor Police Headquarters.

The Leaves are well armed, typically carrying a mix of assault weapons, energy weapons, explosives, and military-grade body armor. Some patrols and outposts have been known to use trained Yao Guai as well.

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