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The official unofficial guide to post-apocalyptica Detroit.

What is this?Edit

Fallout: Motown Blues is a fan-made exploration of the Fallout universe in and around the city of Detroit. The once-great auto giant was laid low by atomic weapons in 2077, along with most of the rest of the US and possibly the world. Now, over two hundred years after the bombs fell, the city has become a war zone as the ragtag factions that rule the city vie for control of the last remaining automated weapons factories.

What would Ron Pearlman say about it though? Edit

War. War never changes.

Since man first learned how to kill, violence has been used as a means to an end. From the soldiers carting back spoils from conquered lands, to the sly senators spinning rhetoric into ratings, to the humble arms merchant turning weapons into fortunes. Throughout history the cycle of exploitation and greed continued until it could sustain itself no longer. And, in a burst of hellish fire and radiation, society crumbled.

The guns at last fell silent. But war...war never changes.

And in the city of Detroit, Michigan, as the bombs fell and buildings burned, machines continued to move. Unattended, unmaintained, they churned along through the years, building weapons for an army that would never claim them. And when the survivors crawled out of the cracks and rubble, they found an arsenal awaiting them. An arsenal that could conquer the world...or destroy it again.

And survivors there were. For, in the last days of the war, the people sought refuge in giant underground bunkers known as Vaults. Sealed inside, the people rode out the apocalypse in safety and in silence. After the dust had settled and the heavy Vault doors swung open, the people emerged to retake the wasteland. Some to restore it...others, to enslave it.

Except for those unlucky few in Vault 86. For in Vault 86, on the day fire rained from the sky, the inhabitants entered into stasis to sleep until the world was reborn. And there they remain, still sleeping, still waiting for a paradise that will never come. Because in Vault 86, no one ever wakes.

No one ever dreams.

And nothing.