Michigan Central Station
Vital statistics
Type Building
District Downtown
Inhabitants Raiders

Michigan Central Station is a location in Motown, west of the downtown area and just to the north of the Ambassador Bridge.

Description Edit

Before the war, Michigan Central Station was one of the main transit hubs in the Midwest and one of the largest rail stations in the country. It is easily identified by the massive office complex rising from it, which makes it one of the tallest standing structures outside of the downtown area. This is further exaggerated by the fact that the building stands next to Roosevelt Park, a large open space that faces the building head-on.

The lower levels of the station consist of a vast lobby/waiting room, an arcade sporting several ruined storefronts, and the concourse and attached train yard. The upper levels of the building were once an office complex, with storage in the unfinished top floors.

Inhabitants Edit

Michigan Central Station was at one time a fortress city known simply as Central Station. Heavy fighting in the area caused it to be abandoned. It is currently occupied by a gang of raiders, the Railway Ruffians.

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