Vault-Tec built several Vaults in the area in and around Motown. Most have survived to some extent.

  • Vault 69: Located near the junction of I-75 and Edsel Ford Freeway. This Vault was populated with 999 females and only 1 male. The survivors went on to become the Daughters of Rosie.
  • Vault 86: Located north of Motown near the corner of Mound and 8 Mile. The inhabitants of this Vault were placed in suspended animation, to be awakened in 2177 after the world had recovered; since the world did not recover as intended, the Vault never reopened and the inhabitants remained sleeping.
  • Vault 118: Located in Windsor along the coast between the Ambassador Bridge and the Windsor Tunnel. The Canadian inhabitants of the Vault were converted into the guerilla group the Fallen Leaves.