The Motown Wasteland is filled with many interesting and/or notable structures. This list is an attempt to catalog all of them by type.

This list specifically excludes some types of structures:

  • Vaults; see the list of vaults.
  • Settlements; see the list of settlements.

To see where these locations are in relation to one another, please see the map of the Motown Wasteland.


  • Michigan Central Station: An old rail station and office complex, now used as a raider base.
  • Michigan Theater:
  • Windsor Police Headquarters: Currently the main base of operations of the Fallen Leaves.


  • Atomix Plant:
  • Vault-Tec Engineering:


  • The Spirit of Detroit:


  • Belle Isle Zoo:


  • Ambassador Bridge: A bridge linking Motown to Windsor.
  • Edsel Ford Freeway:
  • I-75:
  • Windsor Tunnel: