There are many factions active in and around Motown circa 2296. These are the most notable ones. Minor gangs and raider tribes are not listed, only sizeable and significant factions.

  • The Brotherhood of Steel: A collective of technology-hoarding warriors. The Brotherhood seeks to both preserve and monopolize all forms of advanced technology. The control the Reneissance Center at the heart of the downtown district, but their influence extends throughout the region. The Brotherhood aims to control the automated factories in and around Deerborn, or, failing that, at least prevent them from falling into Super Mutant hands.
  • The Daughters of Rosie: An Amazon-like tride of female warriors. The Daughters control much of the industrial area near the old suburb of Hamtramck. They are infamous slavers. The Daughters are headquartered in Rust City.
  • The Enclave: Remnants of the US military and government. The Enclave operates a number of minor outposts in the midwest. Their main operations are in Chicago, but due to the presence of automated munitions factories, have sent a detachment to Motown as well. The Enclave forces are too small to pose a serious threat, but they are making efforts to sabotauge attempts at securing the factories by other factions.
  • The Fallen Leaves: A group of Canadian seperatists and guerilla fighters. The Leaves control almost all of Windsor, as well as the Ambassador Bridge and parts of Belle Isle. They have an ongoing conflict with the Brotherhood of Steel, but are generally hostile and defend their territory aggressively.