Ambassador Bridge
Vital statistics
Type Roadway
District Downtown
Inhabitants The Fallen Leaves

The Ambassador Bridge is a ruined suspension bridge on the south end of Motown. It is one of two routes linking Motown to Windsor, the other being the Windsor Tunnel.

Current Status Edit

The bridge was severely damaged during the war and has decayed significantly in the years since. The main deck has completely disintegrated in sections, forcing travelers to cross directly on the damaged superstructure. Some areas are in danger of collapse.

The bridge's towers remain largely intact. A sniper perch has been constructed on the south tower. Fortifications and a manned bunker surround its base. Due to the damage to the bridge's deck, travelers are forced to approach the tower single file in small numbers with no cover, allowing the small force of Fallen Leaves posted there to hold the bridge against nearly any conceivable assault.

The area below the bridge is littered with debris and large fragments of the fallen deck. It is theoretically possible for a strong swimmer to cross using the debris to "island hop," though they would need a way to deal with the radiation and hostile river creatures.

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